Home RTX 2.0 - For TV, Movies, PC, Gaming or Stereo

Product image 1Miccus Home RTX 2.0 Transmitter Receiver Long Range Adapter for TV PC Computer Stereo speakers
Product image 2Unleash Your Audio with up to 5 times more bluetooth range
Product image 3Home RTX 2.0 - For TV, Movies, PC, Gaming or Stereo
Product image 4Home RTX 2.0 - For TV, Movies, PC, Gaming or Stereo
Product image 5Transmit Your Home Audio Outdoors & Transform Your Day Outside, pool, patio, bluetooth speakers headphones
Product image 6Home RTX 2.0 - For TV, Movies, PC, Gaming or Stereo
Product image 7Multiple two 2 links with no delay while competitors have 2-4 second delay for 2 headphones or speakers
Product image 83 in 1 function, Transmitter, receiver, optical pass through bypass speakers headphones
Product image 9Premium Feature, Automatic Optical Pass Thru, Bluetooth and Wired at the Same Time (Competitors require switching or re-cabling)
Product image 10Home RTX 2.0 - For TV, Movies, PC, Gaming or Stereo
Product image 11Home RTX 2.0 - For TV, Movies, PC, Gaming or Stereo
Product image 12Bluetooth transmitter receiver optical pass hub transceiver
Product image 13Home RTX 2.0 - For TV, Movies, PC, Gaming or Stereo

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Unleash Your Audio™

Upgrade your TV, Home Stereo, sound system or PC with Long Range Bluetooth.

For too long audio has been trapped by wires and walls. 

Miccus uses cutting edge Bluetooth technology to unleash your audio from wires.  Achieve an incredible range up to 300ft line-of-sight and up to 160ft through walls, far past ordinary 33ft Bluetooth limits.

Listen to your TV, home theater, Stereo, or PC on Bluetooth headphones or speakers throughout your home or yard.  Double your audio fun by pairing to 2 headphones or speakers.

Enjoy superior, crystal clear, high performance music delivered by aptX codec.

In a market flooded with Bluetooth adapters, the Home RTX is rated a “MUST BUY” by ITDay for its long range power..

Bring new life to your audio gear and enjoy wireless freedom.  Take your audio where you want to go.

NOTE: For a small portable long range audio solution, check out our latest product release, the Swivel Jack RTX!

Featuring the Latest Technology Advances:
  1. Long Range - Stream thru walls or around corners up to 160ft (50M) with Class 1 Bluetooth technology.  Boost the signal 20-40ft with our X7 Antenna.  Use two RTX’s together, one in TX mode and one in RX mode, and extend the operating range even further
  2. Perfect for TV, Movies, & Gaming with No Audio Delay – Standard Bluetooth streams audio with a 2-4 second delay causing lip sync problems.  However, aptX Low Latency delivers full dynamic audio IN SYNC with visual media.

Technology Note: aptX Low Latency requires that BOTH the transmitter and receiver  support aptX Low Latency codec.  The Miccus SR-71 Stealth Headphones paired with the Home RTX 2.0 is the perfect duo in aptX LL codec.

3.  Optical, RCA & Analog Connections- Works with almost any audio device

 Premium Features: A step ahead of our competitors

Connect to 2 Speakers or Headphones with no Audio Delay in aptX Low Latency:  Pair 2 headphones or speakers to your Home RTX 2.0 and BOTH devices will enjoy ultra fast, high fidelity audio with no frustrating delay. 

**Most other transmitters drop aptX Low Latency codec when paired to 2 devices causing a 2-4 audio delay.**

Automatic Optical Pass Thru to Use Bluetooth & Wired at the Same Time: TV audio AUTOMATICALLY passes through the RTX 2.0 HUB to your wired speakers and streams audio to your bluetooth speakers or headphones.

**Most other adapters require switching or recabling to pass thru.  We make it easy for you.**

Product Description

With 3 Modes, it’s the perfect choice for your home wireless hub. 

  1. Transmit (TX) audio from your TV, Home Theater, home stereo, sound system, PC or other home audio sources to Bluetooth headphones or speakers
  2. Receive (RX) audio content on your home stereo system from your phone, iPad or Laptop. 
  3. Pass Through: Wired & Wireless Together: Listen to your TV via wired speakers and wireless devices thanks to Optical Pass Through. When your TV only has one optical output, use the Home RTX 2.0 as a pass through HUB. Choose your volume preference for each audio connection.

What does this do for me? 

Life keeps you moving so take your audio with you.

Listening to your music or the game shouldn’t be cut short just because it’s time to…
Add the RTX to your audio equipment and listen throughout your home or yard. 
Grill dinner on the patio, lounge by the pool, work in the yard, play basketball with the kids, or finish projects in the garage and still enjoy your music, vinyl collection, the game, and more.

Listen to More Content on Your Stereo

Why struggle to hear audio from your phone or tablet? Connect the Home RTX to your favorite big speakers and listen to your podcasts and music from your phone or tablet. Be your own DJ, use your phone to control the audio track and volume from across the room.

Watch TV, movies or videos with 2 Headphones or Speakers

The kids and roommates are sleeping; you and your partner want to enjoy a late night game or movie.  BOTH headphones will enjoy high quality aptX Low Latency codec with no lip sync problems.

Enjoy Clear Strong Audio

No need to be stuck with muffled, choppy audio due to poor Bluetooth signal. Hear like you were standing in front of your audio setup. A reviewer says it best, "No distortion...just pure music audio as if I was standing right next to it. I highly recommend this product. It made my day!"

The Best Part?

Our customers consistently rate the Home RTX 2.0 as easy to use and our customer service as excellent. After the initial pairing, the Miccus Home RTX will automatically reconnect to the last paired device when in range.

For pairing in RX mode, we have added a friendly voice to prompt you through the pairing process.

And if you get hung up, Miccus customer support is here for you with easy to understand, friendly responses.


Watch the Home RTX 2.0 transmit over 400 feet in a line of sight test

Add to your Home Stereo




  • Bluetooth v4.2 (compatible with Bluetooth v2.0 or higher), Profiles - A2DP, AVRCP 
  • Audio codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, (NOTE aptX-LL use requires both devices in a pairing to support the aptX-Low Latency codec).
  • 3.5mm Stereo Audio Input and Output, TOSLINK Digital Optical Input and Output.
  • Operating range: up to 300ft (50M), Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz. 
  • Optical Support: Sample Rate <=48KHz, Formats PCM / LPCM, Dolby Digital 2.0 (Format changes are accessed thru your TV’s audio settings menu)
What’s in the box?
  • Miccus Home RTX 2.0 (MHRTX-20)
  • Gold tipped 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable
  • 6ft Gold tipped RCA to 3.5mm Cable
  • 1M Optical TOSLINK audio cable
  • 6ft Micro USB Cable
  • USB to AC Wall adapter
  • Removable Dipole Antenna
  • User manual and troubleshooting guide

Frequently Asked Questions



Yes, the multi-function button on the front of the Home RTX 2.0 can power it off. Simply hold down the button for 6 seconds until the indicator lights turn off, then release the button. To turn the RTX 2.0 back on, hold down the button for 6 seconds until the indicator lights turn on.


If for any reason the Home RTX 2.0 is not working as expected, perform a factory reset to clear the memory and restore the default settings.

  1. With your RTX 2.0 connected to power, turn the RTX 2.0 off: hold the front button for approximately 7 seconds until all the lights go out.
  2. Release the button (the device is off, no lights).
  3. Press and hold the button again for approximately 7-8 seconds. The RTX 2.0 green LED will come on and the Blue LED will blink 2-3 times and then both lights will go out.
  4. Power on and pair with your device again for first use.


  1. Place the RTX 2.0 into RX pairing mode indicated by a fast flashing blue light on CH 1.
  2. Double press, 2 clicks, the front button on the RTX 2.0.
  3. Follow steps 1 and 2 to turn voice prompts back on again.


The aptX Low Latency codec requires that both the transmitter and receiver support aptX Low Latency. If you use the Home RTX 2.0 with Bluetooth headphones or speakers that do not support aptX Low Latency, the Home RTX 2.0 will default to the standard aptX or SBC codec.


The Home RTX 2.0 also features optical audio pass thru. Use the same audio source and daisy chain two or more Home RTX 2.0's together; double or even triple the number of low latency audio streams available for use. Avoid the use of an optical splitter box; use the digital audio pass thru of the the Home RTX 2.0 to send television audio to both the RTX 2.0 and your soundbar.

Digital optical audio pass thru is automatic; no switching necessary. To get started, use the RX / TX selector switch and select TX by latching the button in. To use the optical audio pass thru feature you'll need 2 optical cables; connect them as follows below:

Using optical audio pass thru to a soundbar:

  1. Optical Cable 1: connect one end of the optical cable to your television's optical / digital audio out (TOSLINK type connector) and connect the other end to the From TV "Optical In".
  2. Optical Cable 2: connect one end of the optical cable to your soundbar's optical / digital audio input, and connect the other end to the To Speaker "Optical Out".

Using optical audio pass thru to daisy chain a 2nd or 3rd Miccus Home RTX 2.0:

  1. Optical Cable 1: connect one end of the optical cable to your television's optical / digital audio out (TOSLINK type connector) and connect the other end to your first Home RTX 2.0's From TV "Optical In".
  2. Optical Cable 2: connect one end of the optical cable to your first Home RTX 2.0's To Speaker "Optical Out, and connect the other end to your second Home RTX 2.0's From TV "Optical In".

NOTE:  the analog "3.5mm In" and "3.5mm Out" do not offer the audio pass thru feature.


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