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Product image 1Swivel Jack RTX - Miccus, Inc.
Product image 2Open Box Swivel Jack RTX
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Product image 4Open Box Swivel Jack RTX
Product image 5Open Box Swivel Jack RTX
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Product image 8Swivel Jack RTX - Miccus, Inc.
Product image 9Swivel Jack RTX - Miccus, Inc.
Product image 10Open Box Swivel Jack RTX
Product image 11Open Box Swivel Jack RTX
Product image 12Swivel Jack RTX - Miccus, Inc.
Product image 13Open Box Swivel Jack RTX

Regular price $29.99

Save an easy $10!!

This is a "manufacturer certified" refurbished Swivel Jack RTX.  Save an easy $10 off the $39.99 retail price.  Tested, repackaged, guaranteed to work and fully covered under the 1 year no hassle replacement warranty.


FTW! Switch to wireless freedom, get rid of the wires that hold you back.  Add to your PC, Mac, laptop, PlayStation PS4 or Nintendo Switch and listen on your favorite Bluetooth speakers or headphones.  

Even better, get true wireless freedom.  A long range, powerful signal streams even thru walls.  Walk around your house while listening to your audio. Ordinary Bluetooth limits you and easily drops from interference such as a person walking by.  

Unleash your audio with the most innovative, flexible Bluetooth adapter on the market.

  • Audio without delay when used with aptX Low Latency devices, skip the lip sync problems of ordinary Bluetooth
  • Gaming Audio and 2 Way Chat at the same time
  • Long Range, stream thru walls
  • Transmitter or Receiver​​​​
  • Mini for a perfect fit, ideal for handheld gaming devices, i.e. Nintendo Switch or Gameboy
  • Easily Add to Almost Any Device:  Simply plug & pair.  Supports USB, RCA or 3.5mm AUX connections.
  • Portable: Stream all day with 10H battery or power by USB

Grab one today and unleash your audio.

Note: If you need a longer operating range, check out our Home RTX 2.0 which streams up to 300ft line of sight and 160ft indoors.

Featuring the latest Technological Advances


    Stop LAG! Enjoy high fidelity, dynamic audio with no delay or lip sync issues when used with aptX Low Latency devices.  

    Hear the game call in real time!

    Normally Bluetooth streams with a slight delay causing annoying lip sync problems.

    We use apt X Low Latency technology so that the audio is IN SYNC with your shows or gaming.

    Note: The paired device must also support apt X Low Latency.  We recommend the SR-71 Stealth Headphones.


    When connected via USB, hear gaming audio and 2 way chat AT THE SAME TIME. No need to miss out and choose between hearing your gaming audio or chatting with your friends.  Get it all. 

      Use with your PC, laptop, PS4, Nintendo Switch dock and most Bluetooth headsets for games / VoIP, Skype phone calls

      Uses your headphone’s microphone for clear audio communication. 

      Note: If connected via 3.5mm, the microphone on your headphones will not be engaged and will only be 1 way communication.



      Who wants to be tied down?  Walk around your home and enjoy crystal clear, reliable audio from Class 1 Bluetooth.  Keep listening to your favorite music, podcast or the game with true wireless freedom.


      Chat away on your skype or VoIP call without losing connection.




      Keep your party jams rolling with less dropped audio.  No more stuttering due to poor Bluetooth signal.  Stream your audio further than you ever have before. 


      Note: Actual operation range will depend on physical factors (wall thickness, people, wind), interference from other wireless routers or adapters, and the quality of the paired device.



      Share your audio with a friend.  Connect to two headphones and it will still deliver the premium apt X LL codec.  Most other transmitters drop apt X Low Latency codec when paired to 2 devices.






        Miccus packed Class 1 Bluetooth power into a small portable design.  Get a snug, secure fit every time thanks to a patented swivel design. 

        Supports USB, RCA or 3.5mm AUX connections.

        Stream all day with a 10H battery or power by USB.









        The Swivel Jack RTX transmits or receives audio making it the perfect solution.

          1.  Receive (RX) audio content on your speakers or car stereo. Be your own DJ, use your phone to control the audio track and volume from across the room.

                  2.  Transmit (TX) 

          audio to Bluetooth speakers or headphones from your

          Gaming Console, PS4 or Nintendo Switch

          PC or Mac (no drivers needed)

          Tablet or Laptop

          TV, Projector or Home Theater

          Home Stereo System

          Record Player

            • Note: Not for use on XBox One


          Why Miccus?

          Miccus is a top online seller of cutting edge Bluetooth Long Range solutions since 2009.  
          Based in Detroit, home of Motown Sound.  With that pedigree, you know our audio standards are high.
          If you need help, our customer support team will go the distance for you to get you up and running in no time.   All products are backed by our 1 year no hassle replacement warranty.



          Unboxing the Swivel Jack RTX



           Using the Swivel Jack RTX with the Nintendo Switch

          • Bluetooth® v4.2 Profiles - A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
          • 3.5mm Stereo Audio Input and Output (depends on TX/RX switch)
          • Operating range: up to 100ft (30M), Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz
          • Audio codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, (NOTE aptX-LL use requires both paired devices to support the aptX-Low Latency codec).
          • 10 Hour battery life, Rechargeable or continuous use from USB.
          • USB Power: DC 5V @500mA or higher
          • Dimensions: L 1.9in (48mm) x W 0.8in (20mm) x H 0.5in (12mm)


          What’s in the box?
          • Miccus Swivel Jack RTX (MSJRTX-05)
          • USB Charging Cable with Ferrite Core
          • 3.5mm Female to RCA Male audio cable
          • User Manual and QuickStart Guide
          • Warranty Card
          Frequently Asked Questions


          If for any reason the Swivel Jack RTX is not working as expected, perform a factory reset to clear the memory and restore the default settings.

          1. With your Swivel Jack connected to power, turn your Swivel Jack RTX off: hold the mfg button for approximately 7 seconds until the unit powers off.
          2. Release the button (the device is off). If red light is lit, device is charging.
          3. Press and hold the button again for approximately 7-8 seconds. The Swivel Jack RTX LED will come on and the LED will blink then the lights will go out. If red light is lit, device is charging.
          4. Power on and pair with your device again for first use.






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