Miccus: Leaders in Pushing Audio Limits

Some push car speed limits. Others max computer speeds.

Since 2009, Miccus has been pushing audio limits, defiantly believing audio should not be trapped by wires nor walls.

Our modern lifestyle doesn’t jive with audio locked in a room.   

So our mission, our passion is to unleash your audio.

We use cutting edge Bluetooth technology so you can enjoy superior, crystal clear, high performance music throughout your home or yard.

Music is in our Blood

We know the power of music and audio; it’s in our roots.  Our core team started as young rock dreamers years ago.   Life used to be long hair and long afternoons jamming in a sleepy northern Michigan town.  Cassette players blared mix tapes with music from Primus, ACDC, Metallica and James Brown.

Gigs at bars became gigs at companies including M-Audio and the Institute of Production and Recording. 

But the need to be free and create couldn’t be held back.  In 2008, Miccus began.

Based in Detroit

Based in the Detroit area, home of Motown Sound.  With that pedigree, you know our audio standards are high .

Miccus is latin for steelhead trout.  When our founder returned to Michigan to start Miccus, his second love of fishing prompted the name of Miccus.

The wireless audio market quite frankly is loaded with crap.  Fly by night companies from across the world slap a mish mash name of letters on a tin can product.

In the face of increasing ecommerce manipulation, nothing will stop the integrity of our service or products.


Investing in the Future of Music

All children should feel the awe and wonder of making music with an instrument.

We are proud to support Save the Music Foundation with a portion of Miccus sales. 

Join us today in supporting the music and bands of tomorrow.

Max Your Gear

You have spent hours selecting your favorite audio gear.  Now use it to the max with the power of long range Bluetooth.

       Listen more

       Live more

Unleash Your Audio with Miccus.

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