Top Rated Bluetooth Speakers for Range with the Home RTX 2.0

You might be wondering which Bluetooth speaker should I use with the Home RTX 2.0?

While the Home RTX 2.0 boasts Class 1 Bluetooth technology, the quality of the paired device will also affect your range.

One of our personal favorites is the JBL Flip 4.  In an open air field test, the Home RTX 2.0 transmitted an amazing 411ft to the JBL Flip 4.  Watch it perform here:

Customer Reviews Reporting Range Results with Bluetooth Speakers

Here are some of the top popular Bluetooth speakers our customers use, including real customer reviews as they rave about the Home RTX 2.0.


JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker              



 Made my record player go mobile! 

I hooked this up to my record player and then connected to a JBL speaker. WOW WOW WOW, I can now enjoy my music outside while grilling and drinking my beer.


This thing is great! 
Connected it to my JBL Flip Wireless Speaker to hear my TV while in the kitchen or on the treadmill. Connected with no problems just by turning both on in Search mode. No static or loss of sound when moving about. Wish I figured this out a long time ago - worth every penny.


Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker



 Great Customer Support

 This unit (RTX) solved a problem for me...I wanted to stream music from my laptop in my office to my bedroom using a Bose Soundlink Mini. I could not get enough distance using Bluetooth and bought this Miccus Home RTX 2.0 Long Range Wireless Audio Transmitter or Receiver hoping to transmit a longer distance.

Definitely a good buy

I tried feeding Bluetooth from the turntable through the Miccus unit to a Bose mini sound link speaker and it worked perfectly.

The Miccus Unit is Perfect, Pairing with a Bose Soundlink Mini was effortless!

I had smaller and cheaper Bluetooth transmitter and it would barely work in a small ranch house. I wanted to try and extend the range. The Miccus unit is wonderful. Pairing with a Bose Soundlink mini was effortless. It works all over the house. I wanted to see just how far it would transmit so I took the speaker outside. I went as far as I could away from the house (approx. 300ft) and the speaker stayed connected and sounded great. I would highly recommend this product.

This unit really blasts signal to your portable Bluetooth speaker

Zowie, this guy really broadcasts bluetooth signals a long distance, through walls, etc. Solved my problem of a weak signal from my laptop in a corner home office barely reaching the kitchen, only 18 feet or so away to play music on my Bose portable Soundlink speaker. The speaker was dropping out, crackling, etc.

Deleted my pairing with the Bose unit on my PC, then activated the bose to pair up with the Miccus unit, wjhich I then turned on and set to transmission mode. Hooked the Miccus directly to the laptop audio output just as I would hook up a speaker or head phones and got music playing from the Bose up to nearly 200 feet away outside the house and into the woods before it started dropping out. This is an enormous gain in signal intensity by nearly a factor of x10.


Oontz Angle 3 Ultra Bluetooth Speaker



 A Great Product

Sound through our Oontz portable speaker is great, even when placed several rooms away from the transmitter. This model also lets us connect two speakers or two sets of Bluetooth earbuds for more flexibility.

I count on it

I use this so that I can listen to my Oontz speaker when I am working out front, in the back down by the pool, or in the shower. Moderately easy to pair. Good range

Works better than the others

I tried another speaker, the Oontz Ultra 3 angle ultra, and it is making quite a difference - they work on my patio - the distance is far better and I am not getting the disconnect issues

Works awesome.  I have this hooked up as a transmitter...

Works awesome. I have this hooked up as a transmitter to an Onkyo receiver and a Oontz Angle 3 Ultra portable Bluetooth speaker. The unit is set up in the middle of my house and I was able to sit outside about 50 feet away with no loss of signal.


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