How To Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to my TV?

Improve Your TV Audio Experience

amazing soundBluetooth wireless solutions address a much-needed solution in TV audio.  Bluetooth headphones or speakers can deliver a fuller, more dynamic sound than flat TV speakers.  They are up close and personal vs blaring audio from across the room. 

Even further, your favorite movie might have an amazing soundtrack, but TV designs typically focus on image quality while neglecting audio integrity.  It’s ironic that we are watching more TV content than ever on the thinnest of TVs offering HDR or 4k resolution, but yet audio stepped backwards as these flat panel TVs speakers are physically limited.

Thanks to Bluetooth, there is no need to be limited to your TV’s built in speakers whether you have a newer flat panel TV or an older model.  Hear what you have been missing by using Bluetooth.


Turn Up the Volume Without Disturbing Others

Don't wake the sleeping baby dad headphones wireless bluetooth fatherMost importantly, with Bluetooth, you can personalize your volume without disturbing others.  You might have the “mac daddy” of speakers, but in most households,  you can’t fully enjoy your audio, turning up the volume without disturbing others, whether they are sitting next to you on the couch, studying or sleeping in a nearby room, or living across the hall.

Or maybe you prefer to block out the noise around you like the annoying dog next door who won’t stop barking. 

Add a Bluetooth Transmitter to Your TV

If you want to listen to your TV with wireless headphones, you will need a Bluetooth transmitter to stream your TV audio to Bluetooth headphones. 

Following are some factors for you to consider.

Your TV Capability and Inputs

First thing, you will want to know your TVs capabilities.  Does your TV already have Bluetooth built in?  If your like most people, it does not.  You will need a Bluetooth transmitter to send the TV audio to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

Does your TV support optical? Optical outputs are the most common audio outputs on newer TVs and provide excellent, stable audio quality thanks to their digital connection. 

For the best audio experience, you will want a transmitter with optical inputs.  RCA and AUX are typically standard on most Bluetooth transmitters, but only a few will offer the optical input.  This will ensure the best quality audio is streamed to your headphones.

tv inputs

aptX Low Latency Codec

The most important feature your Bluetooth transmitter will need is aptX Low Latency codec so that you avoid lip sync problems.  Codec determines how Bluetooth is transmitted from the source to your headphones.  It encodes and decodes digital audio data into a specific format using compression to reduce the file size. 

AptX Low Latency is extremely important when you want your audio to be in sync with your visual media, your TV or gaming.  It supports a higher transfer rate with latency of roughly 32 milliseconds for no noticeable delay to the human ear.

Other codecs such as SBC, aptX or aptX HD will result in a delay in the Bluetooth transmission, i.e. the dreaded lip sync problems.  Sound arrives late to your headphones. Instead of relaxing while you watch the game, you cringe from the annoying lag. 

But just as two people must speak the same language for effective communication, both your transmitter and headphones must speak the same language and support aptX Low Latency.

Dual, Multipoint Pairing for 2 Headphones

dual pairing tv headphones 2 earphonesIf you want 2 people to be able to hear the audio on headphones, you are going to need a transmitter that will pair with two devices.  Or if you want to transmit to a soundbar and headphones at the same time.

Warning! Some transmitters will not pair to 2 devices in aptX Low Latency codec.  Many will drop the crucial aptX LL codec in dual pairing.

Best Bluetooth Range with a Strong Signal

Sometimes, you may have the luxury to watch a show from your favorite chair undisturbed. 

However, many times life calls and you may need to grill dinner, mow the lawn, or even just get a snack from the fridge.  You need to leave your home theater, living room or man cave.

No need to stop your audio.  If you purchase a transmitter with an extended Bluetooth range, keep listening to the game while getting tasks done.  Or catch up on The Flash while you walk around your home.

Most Bluetooth transmitters will only transmit approximately 33ft and definitely not through walls.

The Home RTX 2.0 transmits audio up to 160ft through walls.  Get Bluetooth coverage throughout your home or yard.   The extended range of Bluetooth Class 1 technology delivers clear, reliable audio with less drops or stuttering.


Miccus Home RTX 2.0

Miccus designed the Home RTX 2.0 to offer an outstanding TV experience for you. 

  • Optical, RCA or 3.5mm inputs
  • Supports aptX Low Latency codec
  • Pairs to 2 devices while supporting aptX LL codec
  • Transmits audio up to 160ft

The Miccus SR-71 Stealth Headphones support aptX Low Latency making the duo a perfect solution for your TV experience. 

We offer a bundled system to save you time and money if you need both a transmitter and headphones.

Check out our Bluetooth solutions today

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