Why do my wireless Bluetooth headphones keep stuttering? How do I fix this?

There are two sides to Bluetooth technology. Many people love the freedom from the tangle and clutter of wires. But many become infuriated when the audio on their Bluetooth headphones or speakers skips, drops or becomes poor.  

Why is my Bluetooth stuttering or skipping?

The most common cause of Bluetooth audio problems is a weak signal or interference. 

Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum range of 33ft, line of sight in the best of conditions.  Add a baby monitor, a microwave, a passing person, or other interference into the mix and that distance diminishes.

Traditionally, Bluetooth wireless communication has been short range by nature.  As you move away from your audio source, the wireless connection weakens causing a partial disconnection or interruption between your wireless devices.

Your listening to your favorite podcast or TV show on your headphones.  You walk a little too far from your audio source and your audio goes silent.  Dropped like a hot potato.  The sound becomes poor, you miss the punchline on the show and your blood pressure begins to build.

So while you are free from wires, your audio experience is still restrained within the operating range of your Bluetooth device.

How can you fix Bluetooth stuttering?   

You can move the devices closer together to improve the signal transmission or

You can use a Class 1 Bluetooth device with a stronger, more powerful signal. 

There are three classes of Bluetooth:

  • Class 1 is the most powerful and can operate up to 330ft (100m),
  • Class 2 is the most common and can operate up to 33ft (10M), and
  • Class 3 are the least powerful.

Most Bluetooth devices today, including phones, headphones, speakers, use Class 2 power.

Improve and Boost Your Bluetooth Range with Class 1 Bluetooth

Previously, Class 1 Bluetooth was reserved for commercial application, in part due to power demands.  However, Miccus pioneered Bluetooth Class 1 in the home audio environment in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. 

Class 1 Bluetooth can stream where ordinary Bluetooth only dreams of going… through walls, around corners, upstairs or downstairs, or even outdoors.  Stream your audio in different rooms of your house like your kitchen or garage.

Class 1 Bluetooth technology offers the ultimate in Bluetooth freedom.  Hook a Class 1 Bluetooth range extender device, such as the Home RTX 2.0 to your TV, Stereo or PC and enjoy audio throughout your home or yard. 

It busts through range limits allowing you to walk around freely and still keep enjoying your audio.

Bluetooth stuttering solved.


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